Ziggy Natural
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  • Reason for Policy 

    As a species the vast majority of us interact with some form of plastic every day, it is an unavoidable truth. Billions of tons of plastic products are manufactured every year, and hundreds of millions of tons are wasted. Single use-plastic and packaging being the biggest contributor to the crisis, but they are certainly not alone. Routinely plastics are poorly recycled or discarded into landfills and oceans, destined to spend up to 450 years decomposing. This we simply have to change. So we have drafted this policy, which we will continually adapt, to set out Ziggy Natural's approach to plastics. That way we can maintain utter transparency during every transaction we make with our customers. 

    Policy Statement

    It is intended for this policy to outline the plastics we do and do not use in whatever capacity they are applied, with brief reasoning on why that is the case. This policy may be viewed by our customers and shareholders in the public domain without restriction. customers may refer to our policy when contacting the company with any issue they may have relating to this policy. 

    This policy applies to all transactions between Ziggy Natural Products and any of its customers, suppliers, and or manufacturers. It has universal scope and includes all plastics we interact with. This policy is conjectural as the science and information regarding the environmental impact of plastics are not entirely explored, so can and will be subject to improvement. We have based this policy on the information we have today. 


    This policy covers all products sold and held by Ziggy Natural Products. All employees, senior leadership and shareholders, within the confines of company duties. This policy does not include every plastic known to man. It is intended to foresee the types of plastics Ziggy Natural will interact with, or potentially use for production. 


    Below we will define the plastics we use and the plastics we do not. List (a) will be a used plastics list. List (b) will an unused plastics list. These lists are subject to change, and will be updated if and when that occurs. The published lists are always our final lists. 


    Used Plastics  
    50-100% recycled Plastics Any product which is more than 50% recycled. Our aim is to use only 100% recycled plastics by 2022
    PET  Easily recycled, no known health issues
    HDPE Not difficult to recycle, no known health issues
    Bio Plastics Biodegradable, non-toxic, non petroleum based.


     Unused Plastics Description 
    PVC, LDPE, PP, PS, OTHER.  These plastics are difficult to recycled, when recycled correctly, are potentially toxic, have long lifecycles and release microplastics. 



    It is the responsibility of Ziggy Natural Products and its shareholders to unsure that this policy is followed, products are correctly vetted and business partners operate within its parameters. 


    Any product in breach of this policy will be removed from our stock-list. Any manufacturer or supplier in breach of this policy will be reviewed and potentially face a cease business. 


    This policy is fully reviewed every 6 months. Any amendments will be published. If we deem that a review is required before the period of 6 months has elapsed we will take that decision. Again, these amendments will be published.

    Ziggy Natural products Ltd. January, 2021.