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  • Ziggy Natural: From Zero to Zero

    April 02, 2021 3 min read

    Ziggy Natural: From Zero to Zero

    Hello World - A Ziggy Natural Story 

    We once sat at our table, as almost every human has done at some point in time, and we started the discussion - What can we do from here to effect real change for the environment? The world is seemingly descending into an unrecoverable state and for all of the headlines, it just didn't feel like enough was being done to turn the clock back. The weight of that responsibility apparently sitting squarely on the shoulders of the consumer. Question-marks next to what we eat, what we don't, what we throw away, what we keep, how we travel, how we discard our waste, what we create... the list is seemingly endless. It appears we have been led astray and are waking to a complex array of environmentally destructive trends taking us to a very uncertain future, one real and 'unavoidable truth.' 

    But there was no ownership? None of the big entities were talking about it, it wasn't grabbing headlines, it was seemingly an issue for tomorrow. From climate change deniers; some of those being elected officials, to fear of profit loss, expensive infrastructure changes. The top 5 percenters didn't seem to be giving the sustainability issue any attention. We'd lost our way and at the same time, we were losing trust.





    So, Who Picks Up the Tab Then? 

    Today life doesn't do much to provide a break, it's a lot of work crammed in with family time, school runs, social media obligations, that holiday, keeping up with the 'Jones', cycling wardrobes, staying in touch with family while not forgetting friends, and that's just Monday...We're just too busy, surely? How can we be expected to remain diligent about what we shouldn't consume with all of that going on?

    "We're Just Too Busy Surely?"

    This is the precise place we believe the fightback can begin. We imagined a marketplace in which you could use 'hands off' to buy your everyday items. A marketplace where everything is sustainably minded. Where companies were sought out and understanding was created about a business or CEO's intentions, and those intentions were aligned. It would become an ecosystem of alternatives, sustainable alternatives. Giving us at least one thing we can check off our list. Shopping sustainable...tick. 



    Ziggy Natural

    No story is simple, but ideas can be. We started this journey after the birth of our daughter Ziggy. At first, it was an approach to her skincare. The idea of leeching refined plastics and other carcinogenic substances into her little body, well.. let's say we were not too keen on that idea. So, we created a safe alternative, and what better name than Ziggy Cream, as it was Ziggy (our daughter) who inspired it. After that all debate was ended, Natural is the way. 
    This led us to name our company Ziggy Natural Products, which quickly started looking like a strong brand. From that point the scope of the project and potential for change was apparent. Once people heard our name they didn't forget, we started to get calls and emails asking about who we were, people were buying from us, Good signs! 


    Ziggy Cream 

    From Zero to Zero

    I could insert a quote here about how mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns to appear profound, but I am going to put it like this. At the moment we have big ideas with a small, but growing following. We have an intrinsic and unwavering calling and duty of care to our planet, its flora, and fauna making this a true journey. If you are still here you are truly part of it. The eventuality being 'zero' waste. A point we need to reach, it's not a question of how it's simply when. 



    Ziggy Natural - Compost Happens

    Sending Out an SOS

    Now we have established our platform we are recruiting and building bridges. We are cataloging everyone and everything that is sustainable and based in the UK. There are some fantastic companies who are doing amazing things like Jungle Culture, committed, crisp and accessible. These are the allies we aim to connect with and collaborate with. 
    Our inbox is always open to ideas, people, and entities who wish to learn more or create something new. We are Ziggy and we are here to stay!

    Get Your Natural On!


    Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips